Rules & Guidelines

1Please do not cross any fence lines or enter any posted areas.

2.  Please put all garbage in large trash bins located by the restrooms.  Please do not put garbage in fire pits 

     or burn any trash.

3.  Children under 14 must by accompanied by an adult when when fishing or swimming.

4.  Children under 10 must be accompanied to the restrooms. 

5.  Please keep all dogs on leashes at all times.  DO NOT LEAVE DOGS UNATTENDED anywhere in the

     park.  A pet walk has been provided north of the pond.  Please pick up any dog waste.

6.  ATV's are welcome but we ask you do not ride them around the park other than for entering & exiting.

7.  Management is NOT responsible for accidents, injuries or losses to anyone.

8.  Pond permit's must be purchased before fishing.  The permits are wrist bands and MUST be placed on your

     WRIST while fishing.  All fish caught must be kept.  No CATCH AND RELEASE!!!  Anyone without a

     wristband, with a fishing pole near the pond will be charged for fishing.

9.  No boats or rafts of any kind are allowed on the pond beyond the swim area rope. 

10.  Warning!!! There are electric fences around the pastures!!!!\

11.  Please park vehicles off the grass where there is room.  This allows us to water the grass & keeping up 

       the beautiful green lawns green.


We have a well stocked trout pond & charge $10 for 5 fish for adults, $5 for 2 fish for kids ages 5 - 12 & under 5 is free as long as they are fishing with an adult who has a permit.

People always want to know how close the creek is.  The creek is on the property & directly behing the fishing/swimming pond.  Hat Creek is approximately 100 yards from the main office.  We have access to the creek for an approximatte 3/4 miles with a fence line that crosses the creek in a few places and can NOT be crossed.

Please remember.....we are a family campground with many children trying to sleep.  We have a mandatory 10 PM Quiet time.  This doesn't mean you can't sit around the campfire & enjoy, but please no loud partying & running around the park after 10 PM. Please be considerate of others!

hat creek hereford ranch

rv park & campground

 Check-in time:     1:00 PM

 Check-out time: 11:00 AM